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Peacock TheatreLondon
Where Puccini meets Elvis...

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You won’t be able to stop yourself from falling in love with this comedy opera where Puccini meets Elvis.

The greatest hits of opera in one night; this is a show for everybody – from opera buffs to those who don’t know their Aida’s from their arias.

World class singers combine physical comedy, opera classics and pop hits, from Whitney Houston to Mika. Experience all the comedy, tragedy and melodrama of opera with this outstanding Spanish company.

A spectacular love story filled with colourful characters: Alfredo, a worn-out tenor with a glorious past; Enrique, the baritone precise in his macho swagger; Franelli, a quirky, pop-loving counter-tenor; Maria, a dreamy and naive soprano; and Carmen, a wild mezzo soprano.

The Operas Locos is totally unique, wildly passionate, and utterly hilarious.